September 24, 2017

Maple Leaf and Something Else

I started on an oil a few days ago, painting these sparkling things. Apart from maple leaves, the work might contain just anything that comes to my mind. The weather has been quite moist and grey. It doesn't encourage painting outdoors, so I think that I'll keep bringing small sparkling pieces of Autumn in as long as they're out there, one leaf at a time. And see what happens.

One might not believe that the same person made this too:

It belongs to the same project as last week, the Restless Eggs (q.v.). I've done a lot of other things too but those were for money and can't be shown to you, at least not yet (sadly, some of it was good).

What do you think it is? I rest my case.

September 17, 2017

Restless Eggs

For a work that I just Might finish, if I feel like it, drawing on free associations, old and new.

We're going to have an entire omelet of these. (This time, as you see (far right) I do some rough outlines which I then smear with electric paint. We're cloning the eggs.)

Hens that may roam outdoors lay brown eggs, or so I am told, so I suppose they're happy.

September 10, 2017

Lady of the Castle Ruins

I admit, I confess -- this might remind one very much of certain work by Dalí, Ma femme, nue... (link) etc. etc, a very long title. My take, however, is also inspired by the Castle Ruins of Borgholm, Öland, Sweden -- where the nature is rather wild and harsh, yet mild and green... some of which you may hint here. At least I've made some Blue Chicory, which this narrow island has quite a lot of.

Sadly. Dalí never got around to try drawing with a digital pen, especially not in combination with colouring with some collage made up of (heavily distorted) footage from the spot. I wonder what Maestro had done with it. Or perhaps he would've gone into developing surreal games too? One never knows. I'd love one with melting watches.

September 03, 2017


I'll go on with the thingy of previous week some other day. My back still hurts from carrying a piano yesterday, portal but barely so.

And here's the sweet songbird. Being a dino is risky, one might go extinct at any time and then it's good to carry a trusty songbird.