April 11, 2019

Requiem for an Oak Tree

My parents had to pull it down, eventually. It saddened me a lot, of course; I grew up in its protective shadow, it had "always" been there (that the rings said "one generation" rather than "a millennium" didn't quite matter). Said protective shadow became threatening over the years, as heavy branches loomed over the house and if it would fall, it would clearly be in the direction of the house. So it had to go... Poor tree.

After some photos (you may see parts of the actual trunks to the left and the right) it was time for the gruelsome sketch.

The blood vessels and flow are of course branches and stem tweaked into red. A hollow oak nearby (ours wasn't hollow) made the fleshy cavity of the figurine. Her hair is made out of a very unruly willow tree that has never seen pruning or combing. You can't see it here, but it had magpies nesting in it. Life goes on.

March 28, 2019

Moods of a Coffee Cup

For a little music video that's in the making. The song in it is about coffee, and not about coffee -- it's loosely based on this wonderful ditty that Mississippi John Hurt is known for. So here goes... First, a happy cup:

I think that it looks a little smug?

A smug mug...

And here it looks definitely off. So it goes when you don't get your lovin' spoonful:

Poor little cup. When life is cold we want a strong one that's steaming hot:

March 15, 2019

Yoga for Introverts

It started out like this: A yoga guru demonstrated her skills somewhere on Instagram (where I am not exhibiting anything yet). She just turned up, quite randomly: Bend up, bend down, bend in, bend out, bend the bend and so on, and I made rough sketches of this meta bending on the top of each other. Tweaking back and fro, it all boiled into this...

All those twists and turns probably have cute names, Yoga positions usually have. Extended Puppy Pose, Half Lord of the Fishes Pose ("energizes the spine and stimulates the digestive fire") or "One-Legged King Pigeon Pose" (aka the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana -- now say that seven times in a row, quickly). But I don't know which ones these are.

Perhaps it was all those Indian names that made the patching together of our yogi (is that the right expression?) so colourful -- think of the Holi festival? Gods and goddesses with many arms, heads and so also come to my mind.

March 02, 2019

Announcing the Spring

Announcing the new season (or the wish for it, our spring is yet somewhat Arctic so far) with a few snowdrops...

A little warmer, a little sweeter, perhaps a little freer?

I've kept my usual heavy black outlines down. It gives a more "paintery" look, don't you think? But it takes more time...

February 15, 2019


As I've decided to go with quantity instead of quality... no, the other way round! ...this flower (and the publishing of it) has taken more time than I thought. 4 o' clock one morning it told me that it wanted Heavy Water, and petals, because
"It would look much better on me, don't you think? I crave petals! Wake up!"
And some people think that the life of an artist is easy.

The next morning that spoiled plant wanted -- well, not a drop of blood; it was into sex, not violence, and now the slutty thing wanted pollination. So I had to create something -- I couldn't resist constructing a full scale Something that you only glimpse in the result. Behold; a Leggy Pollinator.

Most likely, these insectoids are spoiled things with endless flowers to choose from; they might even complain about how the flowers nag and put on; (perhaps they even get desperate and send them stamen pictures! How indecent!) *Sigh!* -- they're so many! (Now, being insects, they don't realise that it's this pestersome plenty that allows them to be choosers in the first place.) But hereby I leave my studies of extraterrestrial botany and return to sweet Mother Earth, where dating is conducted in fair manners without playing dirty.

January 27, 2019


Made quite ad hoc without any plan, using this old photo that I found. I take pictures of, well, almost everything with an interesting form or twist. And when I forget when or why (I soon do) they become really useful.

Let's go closer and say Hello to whatever-she-is. Voilà :)

January 09, 2019

I Need More Time (Now Publishing Semiweekly)

As the title says, we'll now publish every other week (not always on the same day!). Yours sinc. will try to publish something good a few times a month than something often half-baked weekly. Besides, Paintstakingly has been on for quite some time now. This January 2018 there is already more than 300 posts waiting to be discovered and re-discovered. So that just must do.

And here we go, a watch with odd bits and ends, just as Surrealism dictates.

December 23, 2018

Cosmic Meow

Meooow! I did this three-eyed little furry for a friend who kept such a good guard on one of my exhibitions (the one in a hotel lobby this fall) with all of her eyes.

On the assumption that cats will still be cats, even if they're from outer space (actually, it would explain a lot if cats were from outer space) I made a little box town for them. And in a box you feel safe and cosy and hidden, even if your wary ears can be seen. That's cat logic for you.

It's not very easy, but here I've tried to capture how the gold gleams in the original (my usual Ink'n'Aqua on paper). I used some gold colour for the eyes, claws etc. and some sort of collar trinket that just entered my imagination when I sketched that part -- I wonder what the symbol stands for. Perhaps you have to be a space cat if you're to know.

I've done a wee little reading on cats with three eyes. Those kitties are obviously Tantric symbols of some kind, representing the stage just between dreaming and gaining consciousness; perhaps they purrrr some message from the Otherworld. -- I'll blame those realms for my idea, then. Meeeeow! :-)

December 16, 2018

Trying to Reach You, finished

I thought I had written a word about this, but obviously not. So the blog runs a little late. Anyway, here it is:

A detail. I'm still seeking collaboration with a happy printer.

Another one.

Happy Sunday, or whenever this reaches you.

December 09, 2018

Never Throw Old Sketches

...old notes or even doodles, if they're good. The few tones that you played might be the beginning of a symphony, that odd little squiggle of a text is your bestseller in being, that causal meeting might be the beginning a great friendship... And I didn't throw this little thumbnail away, a one or two minute sketch, which I am working on now.

Where I am right now:

From this scrap of paper:

I've taken special care of the keys of Whatever-it-is. That's why I haven't got any further until it's time to call it a day, but as the Tao De Jing says:

Be as careful in the end as in the beginning, for a journey of a 1000 miles begins with one step.

Now, I don't live as I learn.

I've scrapped works before, promised the gentle reader that I'll finish next week etc. etc. and these things don't always happen. (Sorry!) Most sketches don't turn into masterworks (I'm happy if my sketches turn into works at all -- and that's better) and some don't turn into anything. You might get stuck, run out of time or energy, betray the work for another, whatever. Still...

...Never Throw Old Sketches.

November 29, 2018

Delayed by November

This little piece was delayed by the November Melancholia suffered by Yours Sinc., but here goes:

This ink drawing was scanned in a few different modes.
First I made a dark rendering for the tree, etc. so that you may see the grain of the paper, adding some nice texture.
Next I made a light one for the birds, adding some light and contrast -- and, I would say, balance.
Finally I made the scan that you see the most of, just a few notches darker than the actual original.
All this was followed by some electronic scissorwork (Photoshop).

In the end, some colours were added -- sparingly. We don't have much energy. It's November, right?

November 18, 2018

A little Experiment with Body Paint

A little eye painted with some body colours that were on Post-Halloween Sale (obviously there's such a thing). Other experiments were also done with the help of some good company -- I decided not to show them on this blog...

November 10, 2018

Illumination with Odd Orchestration

The little drawing that was made to run around notes at my exhibition (q.v.) has been recycled as an illuminated border. Now it's intended for my not-soon-to-be-done-manuscript. So I had fun colouring it, putting some smeared collage on it (from sources you'd never guess) and expanding on it. As I went from about postcard to letter size, I didn't want to simply resize the old drawing,* so I had to fill in with something. I added some kind of clarinet joint...

...and some kind of greenery and... I really don't know. Do you?

*Upon second thought, I could've done that too -- putting details in the enlarged structures. But it would probably feel like "More of The Same". I believe paintings may be guided by some kind of necessity. As for the rest of Life, I'm still of two minds.
And is Art mirroring Life?
And should it?
Etc., etc.

November 04, 2018

Going Bananas

A little illustration for The Book that I'll Finish Someday. That page is vaugely about bananas (perhaps you don't want to know...) so we divide it in two with the fruit. -- According to my sister, bananas are not fruit -- they're technically berries. Berries schmerries! As long as the bananas know themselves, and are yellow and tasty, everything is fine. No need to go bananas.

October 21, 2018

Looking for Love in Unusual Places

Some people steal images in order to get seen on the web -- very bad practice; if someone didn't get paid, it's theft. I keep to stealing lines that someone might google on to get attention -- I found the phrase suitable as a title, and this might be found if you are interested in a old Sierra classic named Larry. It wasn't a game for children. Larry was looking for the meatier side of love, one might say. We teenagers broke the code quite quickly. (I was this odd teen who didn't use the shortcut -- I remember it was alt-X -- but actually learned the answers to the grown-up questions, receiving a slice of Americana too as I went along.)

I might get back to the thing I was working on before next week. There has been plenty to do in my other trades (right now I'm a proofreader and language consultant) -- and I also very much wanted to do this little ink drawing while the idea was fresh in my head. It might get even better with some colours on, who knows, but why overdo it? It's a little quirky and more than a little enigmatic and I think it'll do. If it jogs your imagination a little, I'm happy. One must take Imagination out for a walk now and then.

October 14, 2018

I Can't 'Ear a Thing!
(work still in progress)

The poor creature of the last week, the one that's all eyes, now has company:
She is, despite herself, all ears.

A closer look at the jumble:

It might amuse you that the colour and a few remaining structures literally stem from a tree, shot by me and heavily tinted. Next it was quite distorted (it was a bit blurry to begin with) smeared and altered but I like that you may still hint some of the structures in the final result (see the first image).

(To be continued, I hope/fear...)

October 07, 2018

Eyes and Work in Progess

What are those eyes that stare on us?
Until we break, they're surveilling us!
What is this nightmare in ink Japanese?
(It's digital, really, might as well be Chinese)
I won't tell you now, that prospect 's bleak
I might as well tell you
-- the next week.

Not a word.

September 30, 2018

Trees, Aqua.

A little ink. A little aquarelle. A little thing whilst waiting for life to happen, if ever it does. But it's fall time. Leaves fall, bright and yellow and red. Illusions are falling too, what colours I do not know.

"So it goes", as Kurt said. While painting this I had to move several times, chased as I was by a shadow of a tree. It was cold.

September 23, 2018

Angels and Wails for a Song

Now and then Yours Sinc. writes songs. They are written (mostly in Swedish) not in order to make Instant Money but rather as a protest against this world where money is so sorely needed and all that; humoristic but bitter ditties that I intend to put out on the web with sounds and lyrics and all. And something to look at while you endure that. So this one I'll use for a song about a soul who wanted to be something and do something but does little else than to tend to three children all day long. Voilà:

The despair is soaring high...

...up to the celestial regions, where an odd Angel Band is chiming in happily. They seem to be of small discerning regarding music.

I intend to use that sheet for the title of the song.
(It won't sound like celestial music, I can promise you that.)