July 31, 2016

Green Subway Heart

This vision emerged from my subaquatic states of mind among other sea monsters; they were not as nice, so here goes...

The Stockholm Sub is nowadays more streamlined -- and less often green. But I grew up with white stripes on green, and in my heart they're still green and boxy somehow. So I give you this heart... Welcome to our little corner of the seas, sort of.

July 24, 2016

Swedish Turducken; a Sketch.

It is thanks to the National Geographic that I know the odd concept of the Turducken, i.e. a turkey stuffed with a duck which in its turn is stuffed with chicken. It is sort of kinky. And as I've been very busy with music this week I've had much to say (the world now being a perfect terroristic madhouse) but little time to say this visually. But I bring you the very Swedish, middleclassy concept of vovve-villa-volvo; the alliterations translate as doggy-housey-volvo (the Volvo was a popular car brand) and were a Turducken in its own right. Some people think that this odd roll of meats is all that one wants in Life.

And I have so much to say about Sweden and Turduckenish mentality, on being safe-and-sorry, but presently I refrain.

July 17, 2016

Kittymathical Music

Meow. This week, Yours Sincerely taught himself to play some of the sometimes beautiful but rather abstruse music by Paul Dessau; he wrote the score for The Good Person of Szechwan. My piano fingers are to support the singer through the often beautiful but labyrinthine tunes onstage quite soon, and we don't get much time at all to practice... (One might say that I'm in the department of Emergency Music.) While struggling to follow the tunes (they are floating in a most peculiar way from harmony to atonality and back again) I came to this conclusion: This music is written by a cat, walking on the keys... No. It is written by two purring furries: One who walked on the keys. And another who tried to write it down with paws dipped in ink. I find no other explanation.

The paper that I found is rather old -- 50's, actually, and has yellowed -- gone tan, even, quite nicely. A little pencil, a little ink, and there goes. Meow.

July 10, 2016

Monumental Surreal Dance, an Experiment

I am partly happy with the outcome. The work has an odd, voodoo feeling to it, on the positive side. On the negative, the paper cuts could've been better integrated into the final look, now we have more of an uneven collage, with my (heavily distorted) footage adding a third style to the already confused jumble.

The hand I called, lacking a better name, the Besserwisser Monument. The dancers went black as this contrasted the white peonies=dresses well. (The dancers are digital and the flowers are from my camera.) Pictures from the process:

Another time I might not mix styles like this. But it was interesting to see.

The final result is a veritable mess, but sort of funny. I might make it a poster some day. At least the dancers seem to have fun. Details:

Here's another. I didn't bother that much with perspective or suchlike.

Next week, I might get back to the Dalí ABC again. But I had to try this one. And now yours sincerely needs sleep.

July 03, 2016

Oenophobia and ABC

I love sober people. I love drunk people. Above all, I love people who are pleased with their thirsty, dry or even amphibian selves and don't impose themselves on others. Thank you dear, for caring about my liver... No dear, it's my liver, not yours... I'm Grown Up, remember? With one of those supposedly caring naggers in mind, this was drawn.

Let's take a closer look. The eyes I think grew on the fact that people of this disposition tend to blame alcohol for everything, bad weather included (or you could always try) and see little else. The castle -- is a castle...

There's a snail train too -- don't know what it does there. General frustration, I suppose, not cured by Oenophobians. (The word stems from Greek oinos, wine and phobia, of course.)

On an entirely different note I've added a little more on the Dalí ABC of last week. But progress is slow and enthusiasm is low, so I hope that I'll finish it off soon.


Ps. Not much remains of the pattern that I used for the ground and the sky, but I'm sort of happy with it, irregular irregularity...