July 10, 2016

Monumental Surreal Dance, an Experiment

I am partly happy with the outcome. The work has an odd, voodoo feeling to it, on the positive side. On the negative, the paper cuts could've been better integrated into the final look, now we have more of an uneven collage, with my (heavily distorted) footage adding a third style to the already confused jumble.

The hand I called, lacking a better name, the Besserwisser Monument. The dancers went black as this contrasted the white peonies=dresses well. (The dancers are digital and the flowers are from my camera.) Pictures from the process:

Another time I might not mix styles like this. But it was interesting to see.

The final result is a veritable mess, but sort of funny. I might make it a poster some day. At least the dancers seem to have fun. Details:

Here's another. I didn't bother that much with perspective or suchlike.

Next week, I might get back to the Dalí ABC again. But I had to try this one. And now yours sincerely needs sleep.

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