July 17, 2016

Kittymathical Music

Meow. This week, Yours Sincerely taught himself to play some of the sometimes beautiful but rather abstruse music by Paul Dessau; he wrote the score for The Good Person of Szechwan. My piano fingers are to support the singer through the often beautiful but labyrinthine tunes onstage quite soon, and we don't get much time at all to practice... (One might say that I'm in the department of Emergency Music.) While struggling to follow the tunes (they are floating in a most peculiar way from harmony to atonality and back again) I came to this conclusion: This music is written by a cat, walking on the keys... No. It is written by two purring furries: One who walked on the keys. And another who tried to write it down with paws dipped in ink. I find no other explanation.

The paper that I found is rather old -- 50's, actually, and has yellowed -- gone tan, even, quite nicely. A little pencil, a little ink, and there goes. Meow.

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