July 24, 2016

Swedish Turducken; a Sketch.

It is thanks to the National Geographic that I know the odd concept of the Turducken, i.e. a turkey stuffed with a duck which in its turn is stuffed with chicken. It is sort of kinky. And as I've been very busy with music this week I've had much to say (the world now being a perfect terroristic madhouse) but little time to say this visually. But I bring you the very Swedish, middleclassy concept of vovve-villa-volvo; the alliterations translate as doggy-housey-volvo (the Volvo was a popular car brand) and were a Turducken in its own right. Some people think that this odd roll of meats is all that one wants in Life.

And I have so much to say about Sweden and Turduckenish mentality, on being safe-and-sorry, but presently I refrain.

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