November 22, 2015

Green Chili Nonsense

This one I made mostly to tease my dear friends a little. My head was no good place to be (I've spent ages looking for another, for rent if not for sale) and I complained that I didn't want to go too autobiographical; I mostly draw inspiration from rubbish stored in my subconscious, but for a long while the rubbish had been a sour kind of rubbish and not the happy, sprightly rubbish that one might want.

Why don't you draw Green Chili?, one said.

And it was true; we had just been enjoying some Thai, and I had a Red Chili Stew with a few melodic syllables in the name; it was somewhat less flammable than the Green Chili that I had on the session before (and was duly teased for having anyway) and as a good little surrealist I now had to draw it. You may hint that I didn't concentrate very much on the spice in question. As usual, I am sure that among the arbitrarily functioning junctions of the synapses there's a perfect explanation why green hot chili peppers turn into this:

And here's the face; very serene, considering. Half the chap it used to be but perhaps we let go of a lot of pressure that way.

November 15, 2015

The Music Remains

This little study, I realized during the progress, is heavily inspired by The Music in Me, a digital painting by fellow surrealist Ruth Sinden (the work is heavily copyrighted by her).

This one I call The Music Remains:

Whether you write poetry, music or paint, the aching reason for doing so shall one day disappear, leaving art alone. So we have to make good art.

You may note that the guitar decorations around the hole (obviously called a rosette in English) are reflected in the garland. (You hint a little of the keys chorusing too.) The heart looks rather torn, but Music is on her mind.

(Ink and aqua on letter-size paper.)

November 08, 2015

Burning Giraffe and Hot Music -- Dalírium

This friendly (?) flaming giraffe is now on my happily madly dancing CD Dalírium -- melting watches I found a bit too cliché and overused -- but a dalíric giraffe would do.

Through this link you may hear the whole of The Happy Machine, Raindrops and Crush Collision for free.

You're also very welcome to...

...the result of many surreal hours of cutting, twisting and pasting the most odd little sounds, live and imaginary.

I still can't decide about the expression of the giraffe. In what mood do you think it is?

November 01, 2015


Smiles are attractive, smiles sell. In order to mantain our perkiness in a world that doesn't necessarily perk, I've invented and consider patenting this Invention, yet without name. The schematic description would go as follows:

Eyelids and eyebrows are kept high and positive and friendly with Hooks (A). The occasional tears that still might escape are caught before they can do any harm with little Sponges (B) fixed in a suitable position. The great smile, last but not least, is maintained with small but strong little Nibs (C).


October 25, 2015

"I'm a Round Piece and I Don't Fit into Square Holes!"

There's not much more to say about this. Other than that our Dear Society as a whole has failed to pass a test that one should pass before age four or so. We know that round pieces don't fit into square holes. But we do try to fit everyone into square positions. The world is made for squares, enough said.

Daylight Savings, Without Savings...

Dear Readers,

Today is Swedish Daylight Savings Day, sort of. No actual plans for saving have yet been thought of, other than the one by Jonathan Swift; to conserve Daylight in pickled cucumbers, or whatever it was...

I'm to be back with you as soon as I can.

October 18, 2015

Demanding the Impossible

In Swedish -- I think that the expression is borrowed from a Baron Münchausen story -- lifting yourself by the hair is the same as lifting yourself by your English proverbial bootstraps -- i.e. quite impossible, and superiors, human or natural, couldn't care less.

As the arm is impossible, shaped for fitting what is demanded without remorse from the image, I've thrust something like a ruler through it. The face is drawn somewhat coarsely, mostly on purpose. So is Life.

October 11, 2015

Watercolours, Electric Ink & Progress Quick and Slow

While I desperately want to give you finished works all the time, I'm sometimes into just too many things to make this possible. So I'll show you simply what's brewing:

This little sketch I did on the nicest spot that I could find nearby. I later used it as an example in class (I teach at times).

One of the points of it, apart from being nice, is to show conservation of time; it's a good thing that it was chilly and the autumn sun slowly setting, leaving no time to dilly about people or dotty details, one had to distil the landscape into its basics and I think it only got better for that. I let the water flow quite freely.

From one thing to another. This is a part of a pitch for a company that sells sound dampening screens with prints -- birds will be filled with birdlike colours. But I like the play of the lines. Digital is not aqua, and it will look better and stronger in print, but you loose the spontaneity of the water and the strength of the outlines (if you use outlines) after such vibrant electric colouring.

Progress on the latter has been a slow flight. Nothing got easier when my own computer suffered from a bug of sorts, and I had to borrow another.

I think that the real bug is less cute than this.

October 04, 2015

"Between Two Lives" -- CD Jacket Illustration

I'm quite happy with this hand that had to be done in zero time (standard time for rush jobs -- it's part of the professional pride to handle these sudden dashes) for a single, "Between Two Lives". Sophie's song (below) is about a soul that looses everything even faster than that; there's a sharp divide between Before and After, and it was irresistibly obvious to paint those fields white and black -- with outlines the other way round. I'm happy there are some colours too, they repeat on both sides of the great dividend, if yet irregularly so. They're not too opaque, and look very different on each background, as things do in life after a major change.

September 27, 2015

Body Part Confusion (& Other Confusions)

Poor girl. Something's wrong. We don't feel really fit for life. We Mismatch. This one I was about to send to one of those image banks that earn a few hundred dollars for every image sold, whereas the creator is rewarded with many, many cents. Upon seeing the other requirements -- you have to prove that analogue originals like this may exist without the aid of electricity, thus photographed from different angles and two witnesses have to testify that this is my work -- no. Just no.

I've had a lot of these Just No experiences lately. For instance, trying to find a good salesperson -- but not too good. One of them instantly tried to sell a homepage to me, another demanded 5000 SEK (that's close to 600 USD) in advance, the third one... you get the point. (Perhaps I should get a purchasing manager to sell my works?) Back to art. Please, let's think of art instead ---

One odd thing is that the sketch somehow had a charm that the finished "inkquarelle" hasn't. Don't know why. Or perhaps that's just me.

September 20, 2015

Paired Horses

I was sort of inspired by seeing a couple walking -- which I did with the somewhat weary eyes of someone Too Single -- somehow they felt like a strange animal of four legs and one-and-a-half mind. Immediately, the Swedish word parhäst came to my mind: The word in itself means a paired horse as in a horse team but the idea is that of one who is jolly happy about being part of a twosomeness.

The horses in front aren't jolly happy. Perhaps those happy in the background will soon cry stylized crystal tears too, but that is more than I know. Or they might even heal, for better and worse, but how that is to happen without even more damage done is also more than I know.

Ink, watercolour, paper. And this double horse is one inch or so from nose to nose.

September 13, 2015

Ship of Despair

Made for quite personal reasons, it's an unhappy ship run by some sort of Mymbles.*
It'll do you no good to ask why.

Reactions to their wet dilemma range from blind optimism to utter despair.

Life is hard on the dissolving ship. I haven't bothered very much to give it details, perhaps adding to the uncertain dark mood.

I've deliberately kept the colour scale down to black, white and sepia plus red. Going digital, one can have any colour that one wants. There's some aesthetic point in not wanting rainbows then.

*It was Tove Jansson who invented the Mymbles; Mymlor in Finnish Swedish. Q.v.

September 06, 2015

Portrait in Fragments

In the digital diaspora that followed the breakdown of my computer -- it has to do with two anti-virus programs attacking each other virally -- it takes a bit of sophisticated artificial stupidity to come up with such a thing -- I felt a bit broken myself, and I drew this one (whoopee that I got to borrow a digital pad while we wait) while waiting to see if Life wants us both back. I use blue background, black, white and crayfishy lobstertentackleish elements of forbidden seas. There's also some inspiration drawn from the Death Star (Star Wars) but in the progress it became fragmentation in general.

September 04, 2015

Syrian Waters / Have A Heart

Here, a poster. It's yours. Well, not for free:

1) Donate something; Red Cross, Médecins sans frontières, somewhere useful.

2) Your karma is now improved. Click on the image below to get a large one. Then print as you please.

Look closer. Think.

Chorus: Red Cross, Médecins sans frontières, somewhere useful...

August 30, 2015

End of the Road

Yours Sincerely has drawn this little sketch with whatever that remains of his energy...

For years, I struggled to keep head over water, working the best that I could in a hard world. But as for today, this is how I feel.

August 23, 2015

Painful Wrapping

So while my right hand bones aren't actually broken, there are some interesting fractures (sailing accident, frequent readers know this boat is occasionally trying to kill me) that makes drawing quite painful. First it was exciting to see...

...if I could draw at all...

...and well, there was some likeness. Ow! Hurt. Used my left as much as possible for parts of less precision. Could do.

Sparing no pain and sprain, I went on to do this pencil two days later...

...and digital colouring I could do with my left to a great extent. Still, I'll probably receive some comments from the plastered depths regarding this cruel and unusual art. Well, tomorrow, mañana, mañana... come what may.

August 16, 2015

Ballpoint Beauty and Beast

This week has seen me dragging the piano around, crossing the beautiful Stockholm archipelago with the Ocean Orchestra. We had a fine concerto on the outermost island of Arholma, halfway to Åland as the sun went down and the Baltic Sea stretched wide open into eternity. It was also dragged, during intense rehearsal days, through our somewhat less beautiful subway system. The result (before I go back to Swedish Work Ethics) is two drawings made with loving crosshatch: This lady was started as a sneak drawing on the sub -- little did she know that I was to send her out among the isles and sails. Nor did I. I've worked a lot with negative space, as you see; drawing by not drawing, drawing energy from the nothing and everything that some would call Tao.

From beauty to beast. This thing was born while rehearsing and with a few final strokes it (cross)hatched on another sub, somewhere around midnight when such creatures are born. You decide what it is. The piano shivered in its casing.

A closer look, with the abysmal thing looking back -- as all true abysses do if you stare down long enough, according to Nietzsche.
"I see you..."

August 09, 2015

The Luminaries of Workfare Unflattered (from a Work in Progress)

Swedish politics is fascinating. One party which claims to be Old Labour and isn't anymore, one party which claims to be New Labour and is not (these friends of the Little Man are somewhere between conservative and neoliberals) and lastly and most mean (among the large ones) there's the party that claims it's not outright Nazi but very much is. Voilà. And as they all endorse another Potemkin Village, the façade known as Workfare (Arbetslinjen in Swedish) they are about to tower in my Swedish Work Ethics -- cogwheels and all -- in progress...

I still haven't made the Nazi sinister enough.

And His Excellency is but an outline yet. I rather fancy black and white on neutral, and shall have to see more of what one can do with this some other time...

Work goes on. Real work.

August 02, 2015

Wheel of Misfortune

And now you're over 10.000 readers since the start :) many Swedes and Americans but also Russians, Ukrainans, Chinese, English, French, German, Tunisians (Hello Dear) and many others... I wish there were more from Africa and América Latína/do Sul, you're all so very welcome ^_^ This is post no. 135...

...thus far I am fortunate. This poor fellow is not...

...we're stuck in our chores of real or fake productivity (that's a cogwheel, isn't it? Must be!)...

...and cog by cog become, inescapably, "one with the ship"...

...certain overidentification with your slavery might occur at this point. (And a certain rationalisation of increasingly unnecessary production.) If you think that this is a little raw, just wait 'til you see the final work. And yes, this is a nail in the eye for those who think that only cogwheels are work, especially theirs...

So see me work. I had to calculate the 3D of the wheel in the classic way, albeit on a screen (less smudgy, with a little help from my friends -- the computer circuits -- in squeezing the circle with tangents to a perfect oval form.

There'll be a movie coming up that shows the lot, with some adequately eerie music too, but here you get the idea...

And with this pattern x 2 I could soon make wheels and different painful combinations, all to the Greater Glory of Cogs. -- To be continued.