August 16, 2015

Ballpoint Beauty and Beast

This week has seen me dragging the piano around, crossing the beautiful Stockholm archipelago with the Ocean Orchestra. We had a fine concerto on the outermost island of Arholma, halfway to Åland as the sun went down and the Baltic Sea stretched wide open into eternity. It was also dragged, during intense rehearsal days, through our somewhat less beautiful subway system. The result (before I go back to Swedish Work Ethics) is two drawings made with loving crosshatch: This lady was started as a sneak drawing on the sub -- little did she know that I was to send her out among the isles and sails. Nor did I. I've worked a lot with negative space, as you see; drawing by not drawing, drawing energy from the nothing and everything that some would call Tao.

From beauty to beast. This thing was born while rehearsing and with a few final strokes it (cross)hatched on another sub, somewhere around midnight when such creatures are born. You decide what it is. The piano shivered in its casing.

A closer look, with the abysmal thing looking back -- as all true abysses do if you stare down long enough, according to Nietzsche.
"I see you..."