September 27, 2015

Body Part Confusion (& Other Confusions)

Poor girl. Something's wrong. We don't feel really fit for life. We Mismatch. This one I was about to send to one of those image banks that earn a few hundred dollars for every image sold, whereas the creator is rewarded with many, many cents. Upon seeing the other requirements -- you have to prove that analogue originals like this may exist without the aid of electricity, thus photographed from different angles and two witnesses have to testify that this is my work -- no. Just no.

I've had a lot of these Just No experiences lately. For instance, trying to find a good salesperson -- but not too good. One of them instantly tried to sell a homepage to me, another demanded 5000 SEK (that's close to 600 USD) in advance, the third one... you get the point. (Perhaps I should get a purchasing manager to sell my works?) Back to art. Please, let's think of art instead ---

One odd thing is that the sketch somehow had a charm that the finished "inkquarelle" hasn't. Don't know why. Or perhaps that's just me.