October 11, 2015

Watercolours, Electric Ink & Progress Quick and Slow

While I desperately want to give you finished works all the time, I'm sometimes into just too many things to make this possible. So I'll show you simply what's brewing:

This little sketch I did on the nicest spot that I could find nearby. I later used it as an example in class (I teach at times).

One of the points of it, apart from being nice, is to show conservation of time; it's a good thing that it was chilly and the autumn sun slowly setting, leaving no time to dilly about people or dotty details, one had to distil the landscape into its basics and I think it only got better for that. I let the water flow quite freely.

From one thing to another. This is a part of a pitch for a company that sells sound dampening screens with prints -- birds will be filled with birdlike colours. But I like the play of the lines. Digital is not aqua, and it will look better and stronger in print, but you loose the spontaneity of the water and the strength of the outlines (if you use outlines) after such vibrant electric colouring.

Progress on the latter has been a slow flight. Nothing got easier when my own computer suffered from a bug of sorts, and I had to borrow another.

I think that the real bug is less cute than this.