November 22, 2015

Green Chili Nonsense

This one I made mostly to tease my dear friends a little. My head was no good place to be (I've spent ages looking for another, for rent if not for sale) and I complained that I didn't want to go too autobiographical; I mostly draw inspiration from rubbish stored in my subconscious, but for a long while the rubbish had been a sour kind of rubbish and not the happy, sprightly rubbish that one might want.

Why don't you draw Green Chili?, one said.

And it was true; we had just been enjoying some Thai, and I had a Red Chili Stew with a few melodic syllables in the name; it was somewhat less flammable than the Green Chili that I had on the session before (and was duly teased for having anyway) and as a good little surrealist I now had to draw it. You may hint that I didn't concentrate very much on the spice in question. As usual, I am sure that among the arbitrarily functioning junctions of the synapses there's a perfect explanation why green hot chili peppers turn into this:

And here's the face; very serene, considering. Half the chap it used to be but perhaps we let go of a lot of pressure that way.

1 comment:

  1. It is possible many would want to rent your mental attic :) With a hint of green pepper ;)
    Interesting imagery as always Joakim.