March 27, 2016

Marketing The Great Show (and lesser ones)

Full credit for the letterhead of our quartet Haffsårkestern goes to multi-talent Corinne (top left) who also sing, play the guitar, the kazoo and sometimes the Waldorf flute... (And this link leads you straight to the event.) The pianist/illustrator merely added a little colour to that one, getting quite lost in Photoshop filters before landing here:

I think the idea with the black-and-white portraits (that were to be kept as simple as possible) on some sort of coloured background belonged to Max, who plays even more instruments that I can think of. Guitar, bass, mandolin, accordion? -- can't remember -- banjo for sure... I give up. Studio wizard too. Then we have (last but not least) Cecilia...

...whose fair voice I've also had the joy to have with me on tour in this duet, "Wild Raspberries" (Vildhallon). As usual, I had to make it rather quickly (it's part of the art) but I think it turned out allright nevertheless. Thorns for a bit of wild, hearty rawness. And berries for, well, good fruity folk music et al.

It's fun to draw for music... Vice versa, once I started to write music that was to go with a painting, aeons ago now. But I never got that very far. After a few beats I happened to sell it, and it only made music in my wallet for a while.

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