June 26, 2016

Letters, Dalírium and Hospitalisation

I hope that I'll get to finish this one (I'll get to the reason below) which is all in homage to the melting Dalí watch, sine qua non. I started with this, wondering: Dalí painted his first soft watches in the early Thirties (when they were already beginning to fall out of fashion) and today they're quite uncommon. Does this make them more or less surreal?

This is how far I got "at press time". Especially O, and then N, forms the basis for the others:

I suppose that it's no mean feat to keep this blog up and running for week after week, year after year without missing a beat (at least not by very much) -- but I'm human. As I write this I'm going to hospital where they're going to do quite awful things to my face, all thanks to the madman of last week (q.v.) so we'll see if I'm fit for Paintstakingly next week or too much in Pain, or too deep into hospitalisation. Spur-of-the-moment drawing:

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