September 18, 2016

Electric Beetles

Dear readers,
This week gives us Electric Beetles...

The speckled background I made quite a while ago without having a clue what to do with it. It came in handy now. I use it straight, inverted and so on, saving the image from being too flat.

Ah, the electric beetles! I met some sort of beetle the other day. It took a break from whatever beetles do to crawl on my arm. Hello, Mr. Beetle. A fine day, isn't it? Warm for being September, I'd say...
It had an odd square on its back; a pattern of pointed little orange strands resembling the nodes (wossname?) of a microchip or so. It didn't look much like my beetles do now, but an idea was born and newborn ideas have to be nursed carefully. What do you think of the result? (You're very welcome to write a comment below.) I wish that Mr. Beetle knew about it.

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