October 23, 2016

Psychedelic Swedish Coat of Arms

This one I made from a small badge that was printed in black and white on an envelope that I found the other day. I got it a while ago as I've chanced upon some dangerous people throughout this year.

First, the uniforms ask you questions. (One of my interviewers took most interest in the race of the offender, sad but true, and I did note some disappointment when I couldn't give him a pitch-black villain. -- I couldn't care less. I don't wish robbers who beat me next to unconscious to be in any particular colour. I'd like them burned at the stake, well done please, or shot or nicely hanged, but I have no say.)

Next, one can always trust our Protectors to write and inform you afterwards that you've taken a beating. (Deary me, you don't say?)

They also write yet a little bit later, usually telling you that they don't see very much that they can do about it. However;

I scanned and resized the little badge and then I took to smearing things about, adding free interpretations of the forms. This looks like a fish... and this... Next, I threw in some light collage (my own footage, no cheating) and colours.

Details that I am happy with: The wildlife in the crown. The matrix-like nonsense in the Swedish Blue. The typewriters that protect us... Odd subversive little things and stuff.

The peaceful Swedes are not allowed to defend themselves by any material means. So if you don't happen to wear a black belt or -- even better -- a Sumo wrestler's body you're sort of screwed. We all have to make the choice whether we prefer to be legal or alive.


By the way, here's the original badge. 

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