November 06, 2016

A Cure for November

...which I, sweetly put, abhor. 

It does some utterly interesting things to the psyche of Yours Sinc., who had to fight for days to get any Will to Paint back at all. 

Now you might sit with a sweet Australian November or a New Zeeland or Hawaiian one and wonder what the !"#¤%&/(yyy)=? I mean. Do stay where you are. Swedish November is Death in the shape of a month, no sun, all wet and sad, and it can't but affect you -- It would give Eeyore a sore throat. Amidst this gloom I decided to go a bit silly and psychedelic so that I wouldn't have to think

I thought that white contours would be nice. 

The butterflies have some features in common with that old Microsoft logo, I don't know why. Perhaps I felt that some colour would be fun. The trees are throwing their last yellows now, and if we want to see colours we have to make them up ourselves.  

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