January 08, 2017

Hiding Your Lack of Ideas in a Green and Purple Bag

A little bag-atelle with a bag drawn with the sweet help of Johanna the Muse.

The odd happenings in the background originated as premiere squiggles drawn by aforesaid sweet Muse on the electric pad. These non-figurative riddles I then proofed as figurative, but no less enigmatic figures -- your guess as usual what they're up to. I found that the blank slate in the foreground make a nice contrast to the "stars" in the background -- Christmas lighting of the neighbourhood tweaked and manically multiplied.

Here we see one of the squiggles transformed into... a merry game of Something.

According to Johanna the Muse, the Butterflies have windows because...

...well, she doesn't know really. Perhaps their etherical fluttering is a window to another world, one of Beauty?

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