April 09, 2017

Stockholmian Resilience -- a Work in Progress

It feels odd, being somehow mentally prepared for the situation. I already knew down to the marrow that madmen exist; one who tried to kill me last summer and one who might've done me in anyway last spring. (Most readers know this very well and I add this for the record: What happened last Friday was that a lunatic raced with a stolen truck into as many pedestrians as possible, killing four and maiming several others.) Yet yesterday I saw sadness, consternation on the people going by -- but no trace of real panic. People were wonderful on the whole that Friday; caring, helping strangers in all possible manners. (Many couldn't make it home that evening as all public transit shut down, but others opened their homes and hearts.) They Kept Calm and Carried On. I see it as a Win.

(Here's as far as I got. We lack colour and depth, possibly texture too. But we do have something solemn. And that famous city hall tower, for some reason.)

There were flowers enough for thirteen St. Valentines' on the spot. A friend thought that I should paint the scene for History, roses, all the people! And all. But I thought it better to draw something symbolic (if anything at all) and there we are.

I hope that this sober spirit is to remain. As I write this, very little is known. Yet already, and it's no surprise, the Far Right wants to have it an act of terrorism. Far Left equally much wants it to be Not Necessarily A Terrorist for the same reason (preferably not at all) and I am not looking forward to the upcoming debate. I'd very much prefer the Calm and Carry On that I saw yesterday to remain.

On an entirely different note, I've made some little progress on that oil that I mentioned the other week. (I'll show you next week, I think?) Life goes on. It actually does.

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