February 04, 2018

You're Very Welcome (in theory)

For my little book, symbolizing yet one of those places where one is So Very welcome to try, to apply, but where one is sort of cursed; with the odds, prejudices or whatever set firmly against you. The front door is open, but one can never reach it. (My little thing is set in the Byzantine world of the Fine Arts biz but I'm very sure that you know of different systems that work in the same way.)

Anyhow, to capture this feeling, what could be more natural than escalators rolling in the wrong way?

Sort of fun fact: I made the wood panel on the sides of the escalator from a floor... the greenery was some sort of ivy that I found during a walk, the stone texture is from that walk too (cell phone cameras come in very handy). And as for the warped lines (those bubbly pillars etc.) they come from God knows where, but I sort of like them. The world is twisted, my lines are twisted. It says Bienvenue, Wilkommen, Welcome but doesn't necessarily let you in.

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