June 24, 2018

Onion Tattoo

André Svensson of Salon "Ace of Spades" (Oskarshamn, Sweden) made the final and painful touch on this onion tattoo. I was asked to do the original (by someone who, obviously, doesn't hate onions) and this was the version eventually settled for:

The final result didn't stray too far away, despite the natural difficulty to satisfyingly reproduce round shapes on arms (that are somewhat but far from perfectly cylindrical -- a common issue when it comes to etchings on human bodies, or so I'm told). Well done, I'd say:

It might amuse you to see one of the other sketches -- as an alternative to fully filled versions I also proposed a more minimalistic thing, also in red and black. (These two pigments are supposed to keep better in skin than others.) But the lady that is now sporting said vegetable -- for something like forever -- found the one with the slice more interesting, and I sort of agree.

As for myself, I'm not tempted. I draw stuff. My works are to be spread wide and far like dandelion seeds (preferably without me blossoming for free, artists have needs just like flowers do) -- they are not to stay with me. Or on me.

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