July 26, 2015

With Greece in Mind
(a Sketch from the Economical Bestiary)

The last thing that I saw on the Greek tragedy was that the country -- amidst huge protests -- is hurtling further down the loans spiral. If they cut back enough on the public good or even the public necessary, they may borrow enough to pay banks for what they borrow in order to pay banks, or so I got it. A vicious circle, might lead to chaos -- we owe the Greek for the word χάος and haven't paid for it yet. Another unpaid word is Economy: Oikos nomia once had to do with the art of tending to an oikos, a household. With the Euro, Greece should be part of the European oikos, for better and worse, but no. -- This isn't how to run a happy farm, Madame Merkel...

The most disturbing thing is that ordinary people get to pay for the mistakes of bankers and rulers. I understand that Her Excellency was one of the loudest voices for Greek appeasements (and I have a feeling that somehow ordinary Germans might get to pay for her lack of solidarity) so here goes...

I think that my Merkelmonster became a silly rather than a strictly evil bird. I haven't got that personal anger in me. I am pleased with beau Athena too. Pencil on one notebook page for each, electric stitching, a little Photoshop paint (not too much; I also played a bit with exposure to make the sketch rich in contrasts).

Fight on, Greece, fight on. I hope that Athena wins.