January 17, 2016

Let's Twist Again

I am drawn to drawing things that squirm and twist and bend in impossible ways. The work below is presently untitled, and I leave it to speak for itself.

We might talk a little about lines instead. A line that you work on for a long time, twist a little more, bend, brush up, change a little, while you let the happy mad sad thoughts meander through your mind without too much harm done --- this is solace of sorts, peaceful creative trance. I like the somewhat slanted Art Noveau, or whatever it is... here it is taking form on the screen -- it could've been pencil too, but what followed might demand a computer: I threw such a lot of darkness in it, enough to soak a paper to pieces had it been an aquarelle. The lines looked like this:

And we ended up with this; much more interesting from a colour point of view (I am happy that my poor squirming being is sparkling in many contradicting, uncertain hues) but I try not to kill the play of the lines entirely.

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