February 14, 2016

Valentine Mechanics

Ah, Valentine! How strange isn't the machinery that deals between kisses and rejections, that sets souls aflame or on ice! Thus spinneth the wheel of fortune, driven by some intricate clockwork behind the Eye of the Beholder. It might not be very accurate. -- Being cogwheels, I am going to animate them later for my little music video mentioned last week. -- Anyhow, here it is: Valentine Mechanics ...

A closer look, dearies!

I started out with a ballpoint pen on a 100% recycled paper that I've just fallen in love with. It's very coarse and rough but honest and sincere, and I might tell you more after Valentine. Perhaps we'll stay happy together.

(I've just made the cogs spin. The nails fit into each other all the way through in my little animation, drawn freehand. I just had to break a few natural laws.)

Cheers! A Happy Valentine to those who valentinise!
-- Hugs, kisses and tic toc.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is just wonderful and works well. Rather a positive outlook also. :)