February 07, 2016

Vernissage Birdsong

I am still making birdsong for my Vernissage, which'll just intensify until the actual event... (After that I'll collapse like a dead Norwegian Blue Parrot.) Now you've seen The Music in Me so many times that I point you directly to my vernissage page on Facebook instead. But the letterhead for that ad is new and perhaps a little interesting...

With the benefits of digital painting, one might copy letters that resemble each other...

...and then bind them together.

Of course one might save even more time and use some gaudy font from the giant box of fonts that we now have. But it is Not That Fun! I love the craft, the shaping and re-shaping of letters... and I suspect that I, somewhwere deep down, love the waste of time too.

While all this is going on I still animate a little -- should practice for a concert too, how much to do! -- fairly "limited animation", but still something to look at. These are my strange mechanical birds...

And yes, they blow cute little bubbles. Po-te-weet!

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