May 01, 2016

Draconic Organ

Organists are not normal. Bravely they march into the jaws of churches they've never visited before, only to meet the Organ: a vicious, untrusty creature, with who knows how many little quirks, gained through many years -- I've heard they're individuals, all with different oddities... And here the organist comes, perhaps playing music on this creature that they've never heard before, straight from the sheet. And do it well too. A very unclassic musician can but admire.

Detail. I haven't bothered with being "realistic" at all. I find it boring. The pale, delicate hands got interesting forms, I think? -- The stops have various nonsense inscribed. Wonder how they sound.

Note that the keys go in interesting angles. (The pipes were multiplied in my Box of Wonders. Thus I could spend more time doing the first one well.)

(For Helena, who gave me the idea :-)

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