May 29, 2016

Nailed Down

And this one is for dear Wifek of Tunisia (an artist in her own right). I complained -- I was rather grumpy -- that all I could think of was yet another piece of allegorical suffering, and she sort of thought that I should try anyway to capture this feeling of being Nailed Down and getting Nowhere. I'm not entirely happy about art for therapy, I'd prefer to sing happier tunes (or want to believe that I do -- not the same thing, perhaps). But I suppose that we all feel it from time to time. So, I hope you'll enjoy.

It wasn't very demanding technically. Ink on paper... improved by my usual electric faux hues. Detail: Even the sun is stuck.

One could add a bit of gleam to the nails too; so why not?

Up close (original size: letter) you see the fine nib lines becoming coarse and sketchy, but as they still work I don't mind. And the hues underneath are okay, too. Perhaps the earth tones are a wee bit too stark. But so is the feeling of being nailed down.

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