August 13, 2017


This is yet another Do-It-Yourself. The Meaning of this is no more settled than freshly delivered Ikea furniture, all odd bits and ends are probably included but it's anybody's guess What goes Where and Why. So, what do you think it is? I see...

...a bottle with angels swarming around it...
...turning into a dilapidated Swedish cottage, which turns into...
...a temple of sorts.
That is, if you read from left to right, which one doesn't do in all cultures or languages. In the other direction we have a temple turning into a cottage that longs to get bottled. During a sleepless night in the company of Wikipaedia, the source of all mostly-somewhat-right knowledge, I read a bit about Korean, which orders its clusters of letters both horizontally and vertically according to precise but intricate rules... Do read this sketch in just any direction that you fancy.

There's a curious little parade of the Woodheads marching from the buildingamajig too. The Woodheads have been in my paintings since 2010 or so. They seem to enjoy doing something that their woody minds find very important. I suppose that they always do.

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