August 20, 2017

Worker Ant, a sad little Drawing

One should always evolve, or at least try out new things now and then. So this little thing is more naïvistic than some of my other output -- the thoughts behind it less so...

The ant happened to get dressed a little queer. Perhaps a progressive society of ants told it that one may become what one wants. But it is still an ant, and all the day long it does whatever ants are supposed to do.

Way down through both antennae there may be some queasy feeling that something is Dead Wrong, just wonder what it is. But ants don't get to think that much and are sadly inefficient whenever such questions arise, tired as one might be after yet another nine-to-five. And the rest of its society sees little need to evolve artistically or in any way, they're already ants and that's the finest thing there is:
"Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise".

The details are better in the final rendering than in the first -- made on an iPhone (with glass beginning to crack very much too!). But it wasn't possible to keep its freshness, its immediacy (it never is) in the last version. So it goes. And now my antennae are twitching.

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