October 01, 2017

An Unconfy Meeting; for a Book That Might Be Done just Someday

...if this book is to be printed, I sadly won't use Georgia. Now I am not thinking of Georgia, the wonderful Jazz standard, but Georgia, the Typeface which you might see now (or not, Internet being what it is.) (And in the manner of dear Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész -- do look up his magnificenct A kudar in a language near you, the "foreword" or, story before the story is worth more than most books. (And Imre, this one I understand, loved to add a second in parenthesis after the first one or thirty-eleventh, so here goes.) It looks well on screens, but not necessarily on paper.

- It is very, just very Uncomfy. Our protagonist was Young and Green and actually Tried to Sell a Real Painting to a Real Gallerist. Oh Boohey. Imre knew this feeling, and he described this totally power-unbalanced kind of meetings better than I can ever do.

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