October 29, 2017

Cartoonish Ambulance

I do appreciate 30'sh cartoons for their certain sogginess, being contemporary with the Dalí watches and all. Less talk and more imagery!

The fenders just had to be 30's green for all that. So why did I create an ambulance? the reason is of no importance now, I could not use it there. I had better give it to you, dearies.

There's a bitter afterthought. (You don't have to read on.) There are countries where one mustn't get ill at all. And this is Sweden, where some people think that all people may get ill, recuperate and then whee hey we're on the track again.

This is not so.

If you're rich you may. And if you're a member of the Union, this diminishing Other Upper Ten, you might too.
And the Other Upper Ten long ago said -- shove the rest! -- but on this day of solidarity, May 1:st.
And that's why May 1:st is but one day out of 365.

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