November 05, 2017

Dove with Arrow, Angel and Operative Surrealism

Pins and needles rust and bend, rust and bend... unless they are nice titanium screws, guaranteed to last for a lifetime. The angel in the background (or if it's merely a small one that can dance on the head of a pin, rusty or not -- your choice) bears resemblance to the great Frida Kahlo -- I've had considerably less surgery than her after all (although I believe that Life spared her face, if not the rest -- here, it's the other way around) -- and The Broken Column particularly. It has made a profound impression.

As for the now flightless messenger pigeon (poor dove) yours sinc. suffers from some kind of Sales Fatigue now again (a lot of e-mailing in vain) the main symptoms being Decreased Will to Live as expressed by the body in general (you'll be spared the details). And I try to pull myself together, but mental pins and needles rust and bend.

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