December 03, 2017


Dear readers -- here's an elephant.

Now, elephants are generally not perceived as very sexy. So their chances of getting into the art market via bed are rather slim.
Here I wanted to add a few notes about #metoo and how this debate has spread to the cultural world -- with a notable exception, the spheres of Fine Art, where everything immoral and possibly illegal is part of how this dimly lit world works. But I can't. Merely thinking about it is draining my soul. The best that I can do is to go on writing my little book of mine: I've done that for seven years, so don't expect any release soon. But it will contain artistic elephants...

...Despair not, little elephant! You might not have a chance to enter the World of Art, um, bedwise. But if you have but mediocre talent in your snout there's still a good chance. You might know the good Art Writer, who writes in the fancy Art Columns. Hmmm, very expressive! Wide strokes. An emotional talent... -- The Writer knows the Gallerist who knows the Collector, and together they'll make your art very wanted and praised and costy all of sudden. Tooot! I know -- this is Insider Business and that normally lands you in jail. But art business is a strange thing, with plenty of space for the elephant in the room. Or an entire herd, give or take the recent one.


Technical notes for the easily entertained:
The elephant texture is a leather pattern (it was brown before and part of a handbag) while the canvas, apron and cap was made out of the same image (but very different resolutions): It was part of my sweater. The floor is made out of ... a floor. So enfin a little electric hokus-pokus, and there you are.

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