January 07, 2018

Neverland Tobacco, or A Licorice Cigar Prank

The Artist/Designer/etc. had quite fun a few nights before New Year's Eve. I had candy, Polkagris (hard Swedish stick candy) and a Certain Someone who couldn't be expected to swear off smoking on the Eve, nohow. So let's at least have some fun. Here's the candy.

And underneath is the paper...

...which I used to...

...turn the candy into cigars!

The box had to be camouflaged too, there was some printing on the top that was quite a giveaway. So I made a sort of girdle on fine paper.

This candy box now contained -- Sweetheart doesn't know much Spanish --

"Six Special Cigars, 100% Licorice, Product of Neverland Ranch, Bolivia" and so on in my pidgin Español. Mohahaha.

The most difficult thing was to imitate one of the bleak, harmless but commercial styles that many illustrators use for things like this (I call this variety Common Faux Vector Engraving) together with the fonts that one might see on such a package (the cigar wrappings then had to be made in style). So partly, this little prank was to some little extent made for my little, somewhat ironic-bitter amusement.

The surprise and the tasty Neverland Tobacco was very well received, however. Sweetheart loves licorice.


Edit: Corrected a few grammar errors, January 8:th. Perfectionism, oh perfectionism... Still there must others, undetected, lurching about down there... and others to come... *Growl.*

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