January 14, 2018

Nuclear Reactors on Saturn

For the Perpetual Book Project; and as the title says.

Once upon a time I worked for a sort of community centre; they had culture there. And I did their posters, there were concerts (some of which were mine) they hosted lectures and whatnot. And anyhow this plethora of things to do meant that my phone could go off anytime, just anytime. So I had this recurring little nightmare, where the phone rang and sometimes quite impossible things were demanded -- like, for instance, helping to build nuclear reactors on Saturn. I remember that one, as I was saved by the bell -- or phone -- ringing and demanding other things, less surreal but likewise impossible. So I sort of had to include it. And there we go.

Things that I like about it -- it looks like a nuclear Castle now. It is just as ta-daa as the demands of certain people. Ironically, I overslept. And now I publish this a little late -- I fear that the text, overseen by my weary eyes, is more surreal than the image... so what: Publish and be damned.

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