March 25, 2018

Paintbrush and Surreal Joys

This is a brush, the inner essence of a paintbrush.
I had fun in three ways.

Firstly, the joy of distilling a raw sketch into into intriguing lines with many surprising twists and turns, a bit of Surrealisme Art Noveau.

Secondly -- I didn't care much for authentic colours. If you just knew what odd colours traditional painters use for underpainting: Under this rosy skin there might be shades of greyish olive, subtle blues and whatnot that do the work. I've merely let the structures that could have been out.
(My Dear, why aren't you green, with cute little white freckles? You could've been green...)

Thirdly -- It never ceases to amuse me that if you have a light hue -- preferably with some little white on top -- and dark ones -- the darkest one nearing pitch black -- and smear the midtones gently together, you get the illusion of a three-dimensional, almost tangible shape... Here, too, I've put intuition to work, and now I take joy in the odd forms that were born out of the flat surface (in this case, a screen).

Last but not least -- here's a tiny Don Quixote on a ladybug. That's fun because it's fun.

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