March 11, 2018

Table Painting Time

Sweetheart loves onions. And garlic. She didn't love her rather dilapidated table. So she asked this visiting artist to overcome his aversions for acrylics (yuck! -- dries before you can Do anything with it! -- clings to everything but what you're trying to paint! -- etc.) and decorate this sad piece of furniture a bit.

She also loves a Southern Swedish, quite inexplicable dish name of Kroppkakor. Grated potatoes are cooked into a sticky paste that encase dripping pieces of fat -- a sort of dumpling, large as a small mouse. It is quite possible to eat one. But somewhere on the second one the fat gets too fatty and the stickiness too sticky. And while the struggle to down no. 2 goes on, the visitor might see (and, regrettably, can't unsee) the locals pouring melted butter -- gulp -- yea, melted butter upon this already greasy delicacy...
"Won't you have another?"
"I think that I'll wait a little, thank you so much."
However. By drawing a plate of this, ahem, delicacy I've ensured that Sweetie always has food on her table. Next, ornamental greenery began to grow...

You see grapes in the corner. One of the many battle scars of this table was a splotch of old nail polish. And the colour and shape somewhat resembled a grape. So...

...why not give it some company? "The more we get together..."

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