April 08, 2018

Feeding Cell Phones to Fish

For my perpetual book project – I might be halfways done. You can see that I’ve been working on it for a while – the cell phone is a classic Nokia. You could text on it, with painstaking, Morse-like care. And make actual phone calls. It also had some simple games onboard that could keep a soul entertained for seconds.

The fish is a Northern Pike. And fine fish don’t have to answer phones, not at all.

My original sketch was actually intended for oil colouring (being made on paper that is specially coated for this, with quite heavy grain). I’ll never get around to that. So I went all digital above it but kept some of the texture and tinted it.

The reason why our main character is feeding phones to fishes has to do with the abundance of stupid calls that he received. (It’s not good for our seas, don’t do it. And it isn’t very healthy to the fish. All those daft calls might make them insane.) Sadly, present models do nothing to make a certain brand of calls less silly (salespeople, frauds and obnoxious souls in general) and one might expect future generations of cell phones to make certain stupid calls intelligent. That would be an improvement.

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