December 27, 2015

Grainy Finished Surreality, w. Physalis

Dear readers,

...thank you for following these artsy follies through 2015. Now there is an entire, weird year in the Archives; most popular, if Stats may be trusted, were "For Charlie Hebdo" (a poem in memoriam) and "My Hoovercraft is Full of Eels"... February and March were exceptional months too, full of odd twists and turns and surprises. I was surprised too. And now, anchors aweigh! New adventures ahead.

We're finished with the six-cornered thing. There's a Vernissage in February -- it has to be dry by then. And I have to lament my oils -- they might look good in real life, but as for photos, they are charming as passports. Something with the small details on coarse grain is making the eye of the camera bleed, especially if we have to shoot them in this lustreless, grey December. (I complained last winter, I will complain again...) Albeit grainy, for the record and hopefully still inspiring:

I've added some Japanese lanterns in the final hextangle (heptangle? they're seven fields) and all seven are sure to go in their own style. The lanterns don't have much patience to stay in Physalis shape for very long.

As for the meaning of the blue drop, I'm open for suggestions (as always). It might be a blue drop.

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