December 20, 2015

Keeping-Calm-Helmet for Worried Times

We need a break before we finish that oil (see previous weeks) and to get calmer in general. For these are worried times -- economy, ecology and last but not least madmen of all colours exploding now and then, sort of everywhere. This sometimes leads to panicky decisions, and Panic is not a fine mood to make decisions in. So behold: The Keeping Calm Helmet, protecting us against ourselves.

It's in my standard ink'n'aqua, letter size. Now we go close to see the Greek helmet that inspired it in part

which I know by heart. And the frankly ugly modern helmet that I saw on a poster

with the one camera that prompted the Keeping Calm Helmet, regrettably not worn by them. The KC Helmet Mk.1 sports just any number of cameras and antennae and whatnot for taking in many views, which has a sobering effect. It also seems to give the poor head other chemistry (perhaps for saving it from fatal over-sobriety, balance is the thing) and I envision calming flowery music in the headphones. (Merely a suggestion. Interpret it ad. lib. Your own imagination is the helmet that fits you best.)

An old friend suggested that I shouldn't make so detailed little works in the winter, for then people will go so close and smear the glass with their runny noses... but I sort of like the mayhem of colours and lines that one sees upon resizing: Here you have the flowers...

And here is the visor.

Now keep calm :)


  1. I wouldn't mind one of these for these worried times and for those to come.
    I also like the details :)