December 13, 2015

Impolite Desires and The Edvard Munch Choir

Desires are interesting, irksome but interesting. They are like babies. They refuse to behave, do not care for the socially acceptable or even excusable, they mess things up and trying to hush or put them to sleep invariably makes matters worse. It is impossible to reason with them:

"Come, now little body, there are other things in life; friendship, birdsong, sports and the music of J.S. Bach... Don't be silly. Let's go and have a cold bath, these things help, get your mind off it..."

And like all infants in need, the body answers by screaming louder.

With this in mind, work goes on. It is time for a sharp corner on the hexagonal canvas.

I have to shoot this a little from the sides, straight on the paint is glittering like this, mad and wet...

I immediately had to christen this band The Edvard Munch Choir, for reasons obvious. While you have the final say as usual, I have a feeling that they somehow represent some unfulfilled desires, as mentioned above.

Ps. Speaking of odd existences I found this Twinklebox, an invention by one Aaron Bradbury. The thingamajig is "...a music box caught in an infinite world, set to his own melody" and obviously has no other desire than to roll about and play its tune, quite uncaring about anything else.

I sort of envy it a little.

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