June 11, 2017

Odd Couple Engaged in Some Mysterious Activity

From a work in progress.

I've been informed that the creature riding on top is a Gnork and the other one is a Myrf. They are up to something, and they aren't alone. There seems to be several... -- You may take a nap to ponder this while I add a few technical notes. -- We are emulating fading ink on tinted paper, or perhaps the red chalks that were popular during the Renaissance (da Vinci and Michelangelo did some beautiful things with it). The filling colours had to be mild and not too far from those hues so that they didn't disturb the mellow lines playing (they don't want to be square and straight, they want to have fun.) -- You may wake up now. --

'Ere we go round the... well, there's no mulberry bush yet. Or anything. The other couples will become as absurd as the first one, I'm sure. Perhaps they're busy doing some kind of ritual. Or... they are manufacturing something pointless-that-must-not-be-questioned --- so many people do. I am sure there's some grave punishment, cruel and unusual, if indeed you would get going counter-clockwise into your head. Speaking of which...

Some day it would be interesting to see how 9 to 5 alters the brain in the long run; in what ways our synapses have been deformed, how our neural paths must entangle and how seriously the signal substances have decayed due to this unnatural behaviour. But I digress.

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