June 25, 2017

Signs of Summer...

...or at least one sign: I just had to give the marina (that asked me to do something in front) a little surprise. Something simple and summery on the back...

...with a sun in gold, goes well with the ornament around it, I think. The other colours are really meant for giving life to models, scale this and that (Ford Model T! A Spitfire! The Titanic!) (iceberg not included) -- so I hope that they'll stick for a while, being outdoors and all. There happened to be a lot after years of, well, model building. Mostly by father.

The letters on the other side were something of a nuisance but I didn't feel like covering them up. Too much effort. Otherwise everything went swiftly. I am constantly amazed that, for instance, a grey horizontal stroke hoovering above some thick vertical dash becomes a sailor when seen from a distance. (I hope that you can unsee the trickery now...) In a way, that's surreal too.

Finally, from the front. (Yes, it says "Welcome".) Father, the model builder, helped me getting the front done on time and it looks too well for further additions. One wants to enjoy summer instead. Sailing or so.

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